Heating Horrors!

This customer account is a true story of a heating repair that happened earlier this month. It is a story I am very familiar with, as it repeats again and again across the country at this time of year. It is also entirely avoidable if organisations took the time to properly study and understood their own work. Continue reading

Little Boxes Pt2 – Jigsaws Are Better

In part one of this blog, I concluded that repairs scheduling is fundamentally flawed. Maintenance companies try to shoehorn irregular shaped jobs into nice, standardised boxes and it leads to appointments being missed and repairs left unfinished. The company wants its’ customers to be compliant and flexible, but customers need the opposite to be true. So how do we fix the system? Continue reading

Tales from the Private Sector; the rush to get the figures out

Month end is the dread of every finance department. The pressure is always on to “get the figures out”. The figures are normally based on monthly management accounts and contain some sort of variation on the “this month/year to date/same period last year” type analysis. For most companies, they are the single most important measure of performance and the only ones that are discussed consistently at every senior management meeting. They are also the only measure that financial backers tend to care about. Coincidence? Continue reading

I keep on knocking but I can’t get in

If you were running a repairs service, how many times out of 100 would you expect someone to be in when you knocked on the door? You would want to get as close to 100 as possible wouldn’t you, as missed appointments waste time for your highly skilled tradespeople. Continue reading

The Beginners Guide To A Better Repairs Service

This is your cut out and keep, essential guide to creating a better repairs service. Handily split into client and contractor modules, why not use them together to create the perfect partnership, for you and your customers. Continue reading