Heating Horrors!

This customer account is a true story of a heating repair that happened earlier this month. It is a story I am very familiar with, as it repeats again and again across the country at this time of year. It is also entirely avoidable if organisations took the time to properly study and understood their own work. Continue reading

Little Boxes Pt2 – Jigsaws Are Better

In part one of this blog, I concluded that repairs scheduling is fundamentally flawed. Maintenance companies try to shoehorn irregular shaped jobs into nice, standardised boxes and it leads to appointments being missed and repairs left unfinished. The company wants its’ customers to be compliant and flexible, but customers need the opposite to be true. So how do we fix the system? Continue reading

Perfect Flow’s Smarta Bid Wins Support From Local MP

Reaction to Perfect Flow being named as one of the 100 most innovative and disruptive small companies in the UK;

“It is good to see that a local company, Perfect Flow Solutions, have made it into the Smarta100 – the list of the most innovative small businesses in the UK. I am always pleased to see that entrepreneurial activity and creative thinking is flourishing in our local area and wish them every success in their venture”

Damian Hinds MP for East Hampshire

Vote for Perfect Flow

Who needs customers?

You probably won’t be surprised to know that the “premium” delivery from my last blog (Premium delivery and the price of stamps) turned out to be anything but. Having stumped up for my AM time-slot, I patiently waited in to sign for an urgently needed laptop. As 12.00 came and went, I began to speculate how late they might be. Continue reading