Would you like to come back for coffee?

Why would you want to earn a lower margin from a long term customer, when you can have a quick profit from a one-off transaction? The need for short term gain over long term stability is a curse of the target-driven world that we live in and was summed up nicely in a recent post from @STforgirls Continue reading

Who needs customers?

You probably won’t be surprised to know that the “premium” delivery from my last blog (Premium delivery and the price of stamps) turned out to be anything but. Having stumped up for my AM time-slot, I patiently waited in to sign for an urgently needed laptop. As 12.00 came and went, I began to speculate how late they might be. Continue reading

Premium delivery and the price of stamps

Twice yesterday I found myself ticking the box to pay an extra fee for a “premium” delivery service. For the first one, I paid for an “am” delivery rather than the standard “anytime”. In the second example, I paid for the goods to be delivered in 1-2 days instead of the quoted 10 days. Continue reading