Recently, I was lucky enough to stay in a wonderful old house in France. You could actually feel the history in the place and it provided a wonderful setting for a break. What intrigued me about the house though were the furnishings that the owners had chosen to add. Some were beautiful antiques (don’t throw that ball in here kids!), which added to the grandness of the property. However, what fascinated me was the shear number of them. Continue reading

A room without a view

It’s probably not a good idea to blog angry, but here goes.

This was supposed to be about my own recent experience of NHS treatment, but that blog is now on hold after I went to visit my Gran in hospital today. She’s 92 and was in reasonable health until recently. Yes she was frail and had suffered a couple of falls, but her underlying health was ok. She was admitted due to a chest infection. Much to my regret, I hadn’t seen her for a couple of months and I really wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted me, as I barely recognised the person I saw. Continue reading

Little Boxes Pt2 – Jigsaws Are Better

In part one of this blog, I concluded that repairs scheduling is fundamentally flawed. Maintenance companies try to shoehorn irregular shaped jobs into nice, standardised boxes and it leads to appointments being missed and repairs left unfinished. The company wants its’ customers to be compliant and flexible, but customers need the opposite to be true. So how do we fix the system? Continue reading