The Beginners Guide To A Better Repairs Service

This is your cut out and keep, essential guide to creating a better repairs service. Handily split into client and contractor modules, why not use them together to create the perfect partnership, for you and your customers. Continue reading

Bonus culture, Barclays and me

The LIBOR scandal struck a particular chord with me this week. Everywhere you look in modern day Britain, targets, league tables and bonuses dictate our lives. Schools, hospitals, any Public Sector activity you care to mention has succumbed. The trouble is the culture created by this regime focuses the attention and creativity of employees onto self-preservation and wealth creation. Continue reading

Premium delivery and the price of stamps

Twice yesterday I found myself ticking the box to pay an extra fee for a “premium” delivery service. For the first one, I paid for an “am” delivery rather than the standard “anytime”. In the second example, I paid for the goods to be delivered in 1-2 days instead of the quoted 10 days. Continue reading