Heating Horrors!

This customer account is a true story of a heating repair that happened earlier this month. It is a story I am very familiar with, as it repeats again and again across the country at this time of year. It is also entirely avoidable if organisations took the time to properly study and understood their own work. Continue reading

I keep on knocking but I can’t get in

If you were running a repairs service, how many times out of 100 would you expect someone to be in when you knocked on the door? You would want to get as close to 100 as possible wouldn’t you, as missed appointments waste time for your highly skilled tradespeople. Continue reading

Would you like to come back for coffee?

Why would you want to earn a lower margin from a long term customer, when you can have a quick profit from a one-off transaction? The need for short term gain over long term stability is a curse of the target-driven world that we live in and was summed up nicely in a recent post from @STforgirls Continue reading

Bonus culture, Barclays and me

The LIBOR scandal struck a particular chord with me this week. Everywhere you look in modern day Britain, targets, league tables and bonuses dictate our lives. Schools, hospitals, any Public Sector activity you care to mention has succumbed. The trouble is the culture created by this regime focuses the attention and creativity of employees onto self-preservation and wealth creation. Continue reading

Why targets, tables and 5 year olds don’t mix

There are many examples of targets causing the UK education system to fail, but how about a new test that has actually been designed to label two-thirds of our 5 year olds as failures? Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the “Phonics Check”, due to be taken for the first time this month. Teachers believe that it is already having a negative impact on the self-esteem of pupils and is taking the fun out of learning to read. So how did it come to this? Continue reading