The NHS – a matter of life or death?

When matters of life or death necessitate quick, accurate decisions and treatment of the highest quality, the NHS offers the best healthcare in the world. It’s only when the bureaucracy has a chance to catch up that things start to go badly wrong. A recent family trauma showed us the very best and worst of the NHS, all in the space of the same treatment. Continue reading

What Poses More Danger To The NHS; Dirty Data Or Dumb Leadership?

Writing blogs on poor management of the NHS is like shooting the proverbial fish in the barrel, but two articles in the papers this weekend have raised the insanity levels higher than ever. The first piece brought forth the startling revelation that Jeremy Hunt wants to criminalise the gaming of targets Continue reading

A room without a view

It’s probably not a good idea to blog angry, but here goes.

This was supposed to be about my own recent experience of NHS treatment, but that blog is now on hold after I went to visit my Gran in hospital today. She’s 92 and was in reasonable health until recently. Yes she was frail and had suffered a couple of falls, but her underlying health was ok. She was admitted due to a chest infection. Much to my regret, I hadn’t seen her for a couple of months and I really wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted me, as I barely recognised the person I saw. Continue reading